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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Have you noticed that wedding season is in full swing again? I think it's a combination of spring turning into summer and the fact that I'm entering my late twenties, but between weddings and graduations, I've received quite a few invitations in the mail over the past few months. A few really stand out in my mind for great design... and unfortunately a few stand out for... not standing out. 

With all of the great free fonts available for everyone to download and use, there is just no excuse to not have great fonts on any project you are working on. So, I've paired up 18 great fonts into 9 great combos that are perfect for your next invitation or announcement. Whether it's a graduation, wedding, or baby, make your fonts stand out!

Can you figure out where the names and locations come from?

Did you figure out where I pulled the names and locations from?

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  1. So cute, love these fonts!

  2. SO CUTE! Love these-- font love is my favorite and it even has it's own board on my pinterest!

  3. LOVE the fonts! Thanks for sharing them with us. Pinning. :)

  4. Pinned, Tweeted, ugh, can't share enough! I LOVE these! :) Popped over from the party at Keeping It Simple Crafts, visiting from C'mon Get Crafty! :)

  5. Ahh. Nostalgia. (Dabbing at tears with a hanky) Thank you so much for posting these combos. I have several of the fonts but never thought of pairing them. Love the matchup clues, as well. :)

  6. Great fonts! Thanks for linking up at Link it Or Lump it, you are being featured today! http://wp.me/p47HmC-11r


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